Teaching Children about Rosh HaShanah: "Be the Best Me"

A Shaboom! Discussion and Activity Guide for 4-to 7-Year-Olds and Their Parents

What do brisket, bees, and babka all have in common? Watch this magical Shaboom! episode about Rosh HaShanah, the Jewish new year, to find out!

In this episode, Gabi and Rafi use their mitzvah-powered magic to help the Plony family become kinder to each other as they celebrate “the birthday of the world,” Plony-style. Lila and Papa nervously watch a giant bee replenish their honey supply, while Mama blasts a shofar to break Ben away from his video game to pick apples. Amid all the chaos, Grandpa patiently writes, stamps, and attempts to deliver hundreds of New Year cards.


  • Gabi says Rosh HaShanah is a time to practice t’shuvah, which Rafi defines as “a return to your best self.” Can you say t’shuvah? Teh-shoo. Teh-shoo. Teh-shoo-vah. Teh-shoo-vah!
  • Rafi tells Gabi, “Everybody has things they can change to be better.” What can you do to become your best self?
  • When Papa and Rafi apologize for hurting people’s feelings, they say, “I’m sorry.” When have you had to say, “I’m sorry”? Have people said “I’m sorry” to you?

Suggested Family Activities: