Shavuot Slumber Party

It is a tradition to stay up all night and study Torah on Shavuot. This custom evolved from the story that says that when the Israelites were at Sinai, they overslept and had to be awakened by Moses. As a result, many modern Jews stay up all night to study and celebrate receiving the Torah. In honor of this custom, have a Shavuot-themed slumber party and stay up late. These fun activities can help you pass the time productively:

  • Choose a baking project that takes several hours, such as making a whole wheat challah from scratch. When it is done, go to sleep and eat it for breakfast in the morning.
  • In ancient times, Shavuot was an agricultural holiday, during which Jews brought their first fruits to the Temple. Connect to the land by going berry picking and then use the berries (and wheat) to make a cobbler or berry pie. It’s also traditional to eat dairy foods to remind us of the sweetness of Torah, so enjoy your berries, cobbler or pie with whipped cream.
  • In recognition of the 10 Commandments, play a game of “10s”: Make a “Top 10” list of favorite Jewish activities, come up with 10 jokes, or try to toss a ball into a basket 10 times in a row.