Tu BiShvat Treat Tree

Too cold to plant a tree outside? This tree can be the centerpiece at your Tu BiShvat party. Most materials can be found at your local craft shop (and, of course, a quick stop at your local candy store!)


  • 1 foam ball for the tree (a 2 ½ inch diameter makes a small tree)
  • 1 terra cotta planter (size of your choice)
  • 1/2 foam ball (to fill the planter and hold up the tree)
  • A popsicle stick and green tape for the stem
  • Toothpicks or the smallest size package of dowels you can find
  • Gumdrops (for the berries)
  • Candy to fill the planter (e.g., caramel jelly beans, chocolate chips, rock candy. Be creative!)


  1. If your tree is small like the one pictured (2 ½ inch in diameter foam balls), you may want to break the dowels or toothpicks in half. For a larger size foam ball you can use the whole toothpick/dowel.
  2. Stick the dowels into the foam ball. Push a gumdrop on to the protruding end. Repeat until the foam ball is mostly covered.
  3. When you are two-thirds done, cover the popsicle stick with the green tape and insert it into the bottom of the ball. You can use a sharp knife to create a slit to make it easier to insert the ball. Finish covering the ball with gumdrop "berries."
  4. Take one foam ball and slice it in half. Place into the terra cotta planter flat side up. Push "tree" into the planter. (Again, use a knife to make a slit so it will go in easier.) Fill the bottom with candy.

Note: This is a very top heavy project, so put it somewhere it won't get jiggled too much.