11 Jewish Recipes for National Pasta Day (or Any Day!)

Who doesn’t love an excuse to eat pasta? In the United States, October 17th is National Pasta Day, and we’ve got a few Jewishly inspired recipes to help you celebrate this delicious holiday. Is your favorite Jewish pasta dish missing from the list? Leave a comment and let us know what it is!

  1. Vegan Purim Pasta with Cabbage, Poppy Seeds & PepitasDid you know that Queen Esther is thought to have been a vegan? Vegan chef Dawn Angerame created this pasta recipe – made with quinoa spaghetti –to honor her.
  2. Kasha Varnishkas: ReformJudaism.org’s food editor Tina Wasserman shares her recipe for this traditional Ashkenazi recipe made with kasha (buckwheat), farfalle, gravy, fried onions, and mushrooms.
  3. Vegan Kasha Varnishkas: Though Wasserman’s recipe is also vegan, this one, from Angerame, is explicitly vegan – a slightly different take on the same delicious dish.
  4. Pumpkin Ravioli from Mantua: During the Renaissance, Jews lived well in Mantua under the Gonzaga duchy. This 500-year-old recipe features pumpkin, a vegetable commonly used in dishes of the time – and popular again today.
  5. Pasta with Salsa Cruda: Italy is home to the oldest, continuously inhabited Jewish community in Europe. This pasta dish is a variation of the famous insalata Caprese made up of the season’s freshest tomatoes and basil and fresh mozzarella found on the island of Capri.
  6. Eastern European Kreplach: These filled wontons represent our fate being "sealed" at Rosh HaShanah for the coming year. Make them with wonton skins, ravioli dough, or homemade dough (recipe included).
  7. Moroccan Sweet Couscous with Mixed Dried Fruits: This dish can incorporate a new fruit (pomegranate) for Rosh HaShanah or fall fruits (raisins, dried apples or pears) for Sukkot. It’s kid-friendly and full of iron and vitamins.
  8. Lokshen Kugel: Lokshen Kugel means "noodle pudding" in Yiddish, and it originated in Eastern Europe, where the Jewish community spoke that language.

And if you prefer your pasta in soup form, try one of the following options:

  1. Chicken Soup from the Tillman Kitchen: One Jewish family shares their ages-old recipe for chicken soup, delicious served over noodles.
  2. Turkey Soup: Serve turkey on Shabbat or other holidays, then use the leftover carcass to create this flavorful soup, which includes wide egg noodles. The recipe comes from the former Women's Auxiliary of Hebrew SeniorLife.
  3. Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup: This kosher take on Vietnamese pho soup is an Asian version on the Ashkenazi favorite. Loaded with fresh veggie, it’s great with either rice noodles or wheat udon noodles.