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Even though Hershel can no longer see, he remembers what things looked like before he lost his sight. After a vivid dream in which an angel reminds him to use that special ability, Hershel creates beautiful shapes from his mother’s hamentashen dough. His cookies earn him a compliment and a possible future job from the town baker.

Try this family's unique way of engaging children in tikkun olam by helping the homeless.

Jewish tradition provides wisdom on how to handle these moments – both as parents and as individuals: Don’t be afraid to learn. Take large actions. Embrace small acts. Tell the stories to your children, and know when to let it go.

As children and as adults, we make sense of the world by digging into big questions. We connect with each other through conversations - between parents and children, with other adults, and as part of families and communities. Big Questions for Families With Young Children help make the most of these conversations with concepts linked to the cycle of the Jewish year. and PJ Library® are excited to offer an engaging new fall holiday learning opportunity with Reform Rabbi Leora Kaye and master educator Stephanie Fink

When her early childhood class plans a Shavuot hike, Sadie is afraid she won’t be able to make it to the top of the “mountain” and tries to think of ways to avoid the walk. When the day arrives, it’s much different (and better!) than Sadie expected.  

“Happy birthday to trees! Happy birthday to trees!” Yes, that’s Lila from Shaboom! singing and tree-hugging to kick off a short lesson about Tu BiShvat

Teaching our kids to assume responsibilities around the house sure can be challenging. Often, it seems so much easier just to do it ourselves – after all, it’ll be done faster and done correctly. When we do, though, we pay a high price: We become overloaded, stressed, and tense, and our kids are deprived of a valuable, character-building learning opportunity.

These five guidelines are all useful in helping children confront any troublesome situation.

Try making these mini-prayer tents with your children to help them develop a spiritual bedtime ritual.


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