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In a retelling of a ancient folk tale, Benny's grandfather runs a bakery with the best bagels in town. When people thank Benny's grandpa for the bagels, he says that God is the one who should be thanked. Benny comes up with a creative way to thank God for the bagels, with a surprising result.

At a dreidel-making workshop, Jeremy’s friends think that he is molding a secret code on his clay dreidel. However, they soon find out that he is really making a special gift: a dreidel with Braille letters on it for his father, who is blind.

Poor Bear! It is a beautiful day outside but he is too sick to enjoy it. He is too uncomfortable even to sleep. Bear’s friends come to visit him and each one does something to try and make him feel better. The very best thing these friends do for each other is make sure no one suffers alone. Learn more about this excellent children's book and how it teaches Jewish values.

A tired beggar reaches a small town on a cold, wintery night, seeking food and a warm bed. When the poor locals are reluctant to assist, he promises to make a delicious soup from six bone buttons.

Dina and her family move to a new city right before Rosh HaShanah. The move brings about a set of problems. When the family goes to the local synagogue to celebrate Rosh HaShanah, Dina doesn’t recognize anyonet. However, the family then receives help from an unexpected source!

We are challenged to reconcile many conflicting thoughts and emotions as we hear daily of the ongoing conflict in Israel. Strong and heartfelt as our commitment is to the security of Israel, we experience a sense of grief at the ongoing violence and over the loss of life in Israel, as well as among Palestinians.

What—finally—got my 20-something kids interested in being Jewish.

While the promise of fun may be the first motivator to join, the long-term effects of the youth group experience drive NFTY’s teens to stay involved in Jewish communal life long after high school has ended. Read on to find out if NFTY is right for your teen.

It's not difficult to teach our children to be accepting of disabilities. But as Jewish parents, why should we?

The question of how to handle Halloween - whether to participate, and if so, how - is one that is often discussed amongst Jewish parents as the holiday approaches. Reform Jewish tradition guides us to make decisions based on “informed choice.”


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