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Becoming Jewish

Exploring the Journey Towards a New Religious Identity

Are you considering conversion? Are you in the process of becoming Jewish? Are you newly Jewish? This class is an evening discussion group about the process of conversion to Judaism and relating to one’s family and community with a new religious identity.

No cost. Advance registration is required.

Co-sponsored and held at Mayyim Hayyim Living Waters Community Mikveh & Education Center, 1838 Washington Street, Newton

Watch Mayyim Hayyim's new video, Becoming Jewish: At the Water's Edge.

Program Schedule Information:

November, 2017
Tuesday evening November 14; 7-9:00PM
Rabbi Julie Zupan at The Non-Profit Center

May, 2018
Wednesday evening, May 16; 7-9:00PM
​Rabbi Julie Zupan, Co-sponsored and held at Mayyim Hayyim Community Mikveh