I feel drawn to Reform Judaism but I am a queer woman who suffers from depression and anxiety. Is there room in Reform Judaism for someone like me?

Answered by
Rabbi David Fine

How wonderful that you are seeking to find a religious home – not just a place, but one that resonates with your soul. Not only is there room for you in Reform Judaism, but we welcome you – with open arms, heart, and mind – and we need you! You have a lot to offer and we look forward to meeting you and to getting to know you!

We aspire to live up to our ideal of audacious hospitality. You can garner a lot about the Reform Movement from our website, but meeting people will demonstrate how comfortable you will be in the community.

Find a congregation near you and make plans to attend a Shabbat service on a Friday night. It may take a few visits for people to get to know you and you to get to know them. Give yourself time and be patient, but also try to participate in a congregational activity or two.  When you’re ready to explore Judaism further, you can inquire about taking an Introduction to Judaism course or meeting with the rabbi or cantor to learn about conversion.