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Introduction to Judaism

Introduction to Judaism

Introduction to Judaism - Intro Module

Introduction to Judaism Classes

Introduction to Judaism classes

Explore a modern take on Jewish life.

Engage with Jewish values, celebrations, and spirituality.

Voice your questions, discover multiple perspectives, and find what could be meaningful to you in liberal Judaism.

Introduction to Judaism is an engaging multi-session course for anyone interested in exploring Jewish life through a Reform lens.

Open to all, this course is perfect for interfaith couples, those raising Jewish children, spiritual seekers, individuals considering conversion, and Jews who want a meaningful adult Jewish learning experience. Our programs welcome people from all backgrounds and are LGBTQ-friendly.

Topics include holidays, life cycle celebrations, theology and core beliefs, Hebrew, prayer, the Bible and other sacred texts, history, anti-Semitism and the Holocaust, Zionism and Israel, the North American Jewish experience, and the tapestry of the Jewish people today.

The course reflects the approach of Reform Judaism and is taught by Reform rabbis, cantors, and Jewish educators. Outstanding and experienced faculty encourage students to raise questions and engage deeply and personally with all topics. Many communities offer tuition discounts for those who would otherwise be unable to attend.  

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Support for Introduction to Judaism is provided by the National Center to Encourage Judaism.

Intro to Judaism - Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

"I would highly recommend this course to anyone seeking more knowledge and understanding of Judaism... I have also been lucky enough to meet some wonderful people that I now consider to be friends."
Erin B., LA

Jeff"My fellow students came from various faith traditions and backgrounds. All of our questions were encouraged, and our discussions were robust."
Jeff S., Miami, FL


dan.png"Our teacher was warm and approachable... She presented viewpoints on each of the topics, complementing the diversity of experience within our group."
Dan A., Washington, D.C.


Julia K"The intimate atmosphere allowed for asking questions and sharing personal stories."
Julia K., New York, NY

Intro to Judaism - Faculty Testimonials

Faculty Testimonials

Rabbi Kate Speizer"It is an honor to teach the Intro to Judaism course, which brings together motivated adults who create a community for self-discovery and connection. It’s a highlight of my week."
Rabbi Kate Speizer, Seattle, WA (photo:Stefanie Cohen)


Rabbi Eli Freedman“I love teaching Intro - seeing people learn about Judaism for the first time and seeing those raised Jewish re-engage with their religion as adults brings me so much joy!"
Rabbi Eli Freedman, Philadelphia, PA


Marci_Dickman_300RGB_0.jpg"Teaching URJ Introduction to Judaism courses has been inspiring. Creating safe space for adults to explore Jewish values, customs and history allows participants to reflect on their own beliefs, practices and yearnings. It may be an introductory class, but it is truly an exploration of meaning in the midst of one's life journey."
Marci Dickman, Chicago, IL

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