Introduction to Jewish Life - Toronto, ON

This is intended as a Conversion to Judaism course. Upon successful completion, the student appears before the Reform Beit Din, and then attends to mikvah. 

Each student must have a Reform rabbi as sponsor.

If student has a spouse or partner, they must also enroll in the course together with student [as a 'couple'], even if they do not intend to convert to Judaism.

The course consists of two cohorts:  September 2023 - June 2024, and February - December 2024 [summer months excepting].  

First part of each class devoted to Hebrew language learning.  Second to 'Judaic Studies' [history, holidays, lifecycle, liturgy/prayer, Reform theology, culture, rituals and traditions].

Rabbi Bill S. Tepper is Lead Teacher, but each class involves a guest rabbi/teacher from the Toronto Reform community to teach on a specific subject.

There are periodic essays/assignments to be submitted.

The class is presently being held via ZOOM.