A Taste of Judaism® - Reform Judaism in Atlantic Canada

Curious About Judaism?

Come and learn! If you have always wanted to learn more about Judaism but haven't been sure where to start, this is the opportunity for you. Encounter the big ideas and texts that make up Judaism's rich tapestry. A Taste of Judaism® provides an open door to community, connection, and meaning.

Everyone is welcome. Whether you are in an interfaith relationship, raising Jewish children, a spiritual seeker, considering conversion, or curious about Judaism, this class is for you! A Taste of Judaism® is designed to be a safe and affirming place for you to explore, regardless of where you are on your journey with Judaism. We affirm individuals and couples from all backgrounds and are LGBTQIA+-friendly. A Taste of Judaism® assumes no previous Jewish knowledge.

This class will be taught by Rabbi N Siritsky

Support for A Taste of Judaism® is provided by the National Center to Encourage Judaism.