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On Mount [Sinai]

The Eternal One spoke to Moses on Mount Sinai: "Speak to the Israelite people and say to them: When you enter the land that I assign to you, the land shall observe a sabbath of the Eternal." - Leviticus 25:1-2

  • God instructs Moses to tell the Israelites that in every seventh year, the land shall observe a Sabbath of complete rest: Fields should not be sown and vines should not be pruned. (25:1-7)
  • After forty-nine years, a jubilee year is to be celebrated when all the land that had been sold during that time should be returned to its original owners and slaves are to be freed. (25:8-55)
  • God instructs Moses to tell the Israelites not to make idols, to keep the sabbath, and to venerate the sanctuary of the Eternal. (26:1-2)


When do we read B'har?

2022 May 21
/20 Iyyar, 5782
2024 May 25
/17 Iyyar, 5784


  • By Rabbi Ben Spratt

    The American poet T.S. Eliot wrote:

    Hikers reach up toward the sky

    And now you live dispersed on ribbon roads,
    And no man knows or cares who is his neighbor
    Unless his neighbor makes too much disturbance,
    But all dash to and fro in motor cars,
    Familiar with the roads and settled nowhere…

    Much to cast down, much to build, much to restore;…

    I have given you power of choice, and you only alternate
    Between futile speculation and unconsidered action…

    And the wind shall say: “Here were decent godless people:
    Their only monument the asphalt road
    And a thousand lost golf balls.”…

  • Torah for Tots

    If your kin, being in straits, come under your authority and are held by you though resident aliens, let them live by your side.… Let your kin live by your side as such.

    -Leviticus 25:35-36

  • Torah for Tweens

    We complete the book of Leviticus this week with the combined portions B'har and B'chukotai.

  • Torah for Teens

    The torah can teach us important insights during challenging times. Explore more with Torah for Teens!

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