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B'midbar for Teens: Shabbat Sha-raps

  • B'midbar for Teens: Shabbat Sha-raps

    B'midbar, Numbers 1:1−4:20

Ever wanted to see how relatable the Torah really is? Counselors at URJ Kutz Camp, a Reform Jewish leadership camp for teens ,wanted to do just that. They made awesome raps discussing the weekly Torah portion, or parasha, for an entire year!

In this parasha, God commands Moses to take a census of all the Israelite males over the age of twenty as well as firstborns. Each tribe is assigned specific places in the camp around the Tabernacle (the altar). The sons of Levi are counted and their responsibilities are set forth. Listen as the laws for the priests and Kohens are given.


When do we read B'midbar

2021, May 15
4 Sivan, 5781
2022, June 4
5 Sivan, 5782
2023, May 20
29 Iyyar, 5783
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