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In the Beginning

When God was about to create heaven and earth, the earth was a chaos, unformed, and on the chaotic waters' face there was darkness. - Genesis 1:1-:2

  • God creates the world and everything in it in six days and rests on the seventh. (1:1-2:3)
  • Adam and Eve are placed in the Garden of Eden, where they eat the forbidden fruit and are subsequently exiled. (2:15-3:24)
  • Adam and Eve have two sons, Cain and Abel. Cain kills his brother, Abel. (4:1-24)
  • Adam and Eve have another child named Seth. The Torah lists the ten generations from Adam to Noah. (4:25-5:32)
  • God regrets having created human beings and decides to destroy everything on earth, but Noah finds favor with God. (6:5-6:8)

When do we read B'reishit?

2020 Oct 17
/29 Tishri, 5781
2021 Oct 2
/26 Tishri, 5782
2022 Oct 22
/27 Tishri, 5783
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  • Torah for Teens

    In this week's parasha, we learn about the creation of the world, from the first light in the sky to Adam and Eve. They live in the garden of Eden, but things go wrong and they eventually get kicked out. Listen to the rap to hear the story unfold, as we learn how Adam and Eve have children who have children… eventually leading to us!   

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