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[And if You] Obey [These Rules]

And if you do obey these rules and observe them carefully, the Eternal your God will maintain faithfully for you the covenant made on oath with your fathers. - Deuteronomy 7:12

  • Moses tells the Israelites that if they follow God's laws, the nations who now dwell across the Jordan River will not harm them. (7:12–26)
  • Moses reminds the people of the virtues of keeping God's commandments. He also tells them that they will dispossess those who now live in the Land only because they are idolatrous, not because the Israelites are uncommonly virtuous. Thereupon, Moses reviews all of the trespasses of the Israelites against God. (8:1–10:11)
  • Moses says that the Land of Israel will overflow with milk and honey if the people obey God's commandments and teach them to their children. (10:12–11:25)

When do we read Eikev?

2020 Aug 8
/18 Av, 5780
2021 Jul 31
/22 Av, 5781
2022 Aug 20
/23 Av, 5782


  • By Cantor Elizabeth Sacks

    In Parashat Eikev, we read: “A human being does not live on bread alone…” (Deut. 8:3). Found on inspirational posters, T-shirts, and in the titles of a great many cookbooks, this short statement constitutes one of the most well-known phrases from Eikev and from the Book of Deuteronomy as a whole. The phrase has come to mean that mere physical sustenance is not sufficient for a life of fulfillment; rather, people need and desire spiritual and cultural nourishment as well. Many Jewish commentaries have noted that, in context, this phrase actually insinuates close to the opposite of our conventional understanding; rather, that human beings can survive on things other than bread. 

  • Torah for Tots

    At the end of those forty days and forty nights, the Eternal gave me the two tablets of stone, the Tablets of the Covenant.

    -Deuteronomy 9:11

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  • Torah for Teens

    In this parasha, Moses tells the Israelites to follow God’s laws, and how it will be good if they remember the rules. He also reminds them how many times they’ve sinned – listen in, it’s a tale to hear!

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