Chayei Sarah for Teens: Shabbat Sha-raps

Chayei Sarah, Genesis 23:1−25:18

Ever wanted to see how relatable the Torah really is? Counselors at URJ Kutz Camp, a Reform Jewish leadership camp for teens ,wanted to do just that. They made awesome raps discussing the weekly Torah portion, or parasha, for an entire year! 

In this week’s parasha, there’s some sad news: Abraham buries Sarah, and he too dies at the end. But first, a servant is sent to find Isaac a wife and we meet Rebekah at the well. It's a story you’ll want to hear!  


Saturday morning and the peeps are here
It’s time for Shabbat – let me get a cheer
We’ll talk about creation, the garden, the great flood, too,
Ayyoo Matt, you know what to do

Just read Vayeira, it was pretty sweet
Abraham and Sarah do a meet and greet
We welcome Isaac to the Bible crew
And he’s not sacrificed, but that we knew

Chayei Sarah, this week is ready to go
But too bad our girl Sarah had to exit the show
She lived to be a hundred twenty seven
Ain’t no doubt in our minds, she went to heaven

But just like that we meet another matriarch
She is kind, beautiful, and super duper smart
Her name is Rebekah and she’s the best
Like Beyonce, better than the rest

You see a servant found her in the old homeland
And she cared for his camels in the desert sand
When Rebekah met Isaac, love poured out
It was just meant to be without a single doubt

Abraham dies, and his life was very good
Isaac and Ishmael, so there they stood
At the cave of Machpelah, facing Mamre
Two brothers came together, deep respects to pay.

Thanks for listening to our twenty-sixth rap
Stay tuned for more, we’re putting ourselves on the map
This has been your - SHABBAT SHA’RAP!!!

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