Chukat for Teens: Shabbat Sha-raps

Chukat, Numbers 19:1−22:1

Have you ever been curious how relatable the Torah really is? A group of staff from the Kutz365 Alumni Network decided to spend an entire year rapping the weekly Torah portion, or parasha, from the Torah. Shabbat Sha'Raps started at camp in the summer of 2016, and then grew through Zoom over the course of an entire year. Filmed from Zoom boxes around the globe, this creative interpretation of Torah is a fun and easy way to understand the weekly Torah portion. Join Evan, Matt, Melissa, and lots of special guests on this joyful journey of discovering Torah!

In this parasha, the laws of purity are given. Also, Miriam and Aaron both pass away. Listen as the people journey further and face obstacles. 


Saturday morning and the peeps are here
It’s time for Shabbat – let me get a cheer
We’ll talk about Moses, Aaron, the Levites too
Ayyoo Josh, you know what to do

It’s time for Chukat, let’s all get pumped
After hearing last week how Korach got dumped
Down into the ground, he got swallowed up good
Just like any other hater of the good Lord should

Now it’s time to learn all about red cows
That are used to purify you from your vows
The priests burned them up and scattered their ashes
To guard the Jews from any more clashes

We don’t know now where to find them anymore
Can’t find ‘em on a farm, can’t buy ‘em in a store
So we’ll all be just a little more impure
When we are contaminated we do not have any cure

After 40 years of moving around
God tells Moses about something on the ground
It’s a story of a big and magical rock
Moses should give it a talk, but here’s the shock
He tried to get water and instead hit the rock
But then God came and said, “Boy you thought”

When God had seen what Moses had done
He gave the people water, but that wasn’t all the fun
Then the skies opened up and God gave a command
Moses, I forbid you to enter the Promised Land

How could God really, truly think
That Moses would bring the nation to the brink
Of dehydration, it was getting too late
So Moses struck the rock, and signed his fate
Moses shot for the moon but landed in the stars
Let’s keep going in the portion with some pretty fire bars

Then the time came that Aaron had to die
The people all cried after they said goodbye
And his son Elazar became the new high priest
Ready to officiate every sacrifice and feast

Then the people got pissed and they started complaining
Not having any water was getting really draining
So God sent snakes and the people got bit
So then moses built his own and the plague went and quit

The Jews wanted to pass through the Amorite land
But King Sichon said no, you Jews are banned
So the Israelites fought back and took over their towns
Their houses, their shops, even their playgrounds

Another king named Og thought he was a real contender
Too bad he was a flop, he was a real chicken tender
Now they’re ready to go and just keep moving
They seem to be in a rhythm, them Jews sure are grooving

Thanks for listening to our Chukat rap
Stay tuned for more we’re putting ourselves on the map

This has been your …

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