Naso for Teens: Shabbat Sha-raps

Naso, Numbers 4:21−7:89

Have you ever been curious how relatable the Torah really is? A group of staff from the Kutz365 Alumni Network decided to spend an entire year rapping the weekly Torah portion, or parasha, from the Torah. Shabbat Sha'Raps started at camp in the summer of 2016, and then grew through Zoom over the course of an entire year. Filmed from Zoom boxes around the globe, this creative interpretation of Torah is a fun and easy way to understand the weekly Torah portion. Join Evan, Matt, Melissa, and lots of special guests on this joyful journey of discovering Torah!

God is taking roll call in this parasha – God tells Moses to take a census, and more laws are detailed.


Saturday morning and the peeps are here
It’s time for Shabbat – let me get a cheer
We’ll talk about Moses, Aaron, the Levites too
Ayyoo Matt, you know what to do

Well before we start, let’s rewind to last week
To B’midbar, it was quite on fleek
We started our census and let it go
Like Elsa from Frozen it was quite the show

Parashat Naso, we got some things to learn
Adultery, the Nazirites, and some Benediction
This ain’t fiction, if y’all don’t know
Let Matt give an example and get down on the low

Johnny and Sally, they got married last year
Everything was great, it started with cheer
Johnny thought Sally was cheating on him,
Thought she found new love, though the odds were slim
Sally was upset and nothing was right
So she went to the priest to show Johnny the light
The priest gave her the potion; it was time for the test
And when it did no harm, Sally showed she was the best

Sally did no harm, Johnny was jealous
Sally did no harm, maybe adultery
Sally did no harm, but the potion proved right
Sally did no harm, best believe your girl

Now hold on, let’s talk about the Nazirites
Being holy to God, ain’t giving no spite
They don’t cut their hair, they don’t drink no wine
Don’t mess with the dead, don’t cross that line

Throwback to last week, y’all know the deal
Let’s count all the people, we’re keeping it real

Here comes the census, ladies and gentleman
Here comes the census, the moment you’ve been waiting for
Here comes the census, we got to count some people
Here comes the census, let’s begin

Now for all those peeps between 30 and 50,
We got to take a census, it will be pretty nifty
But not that NFTY, y’all know what we saying
We gottta count the people and we sure ain’t playing

Gershonite Clan, Merarite clan, and the Kohathites we got
We did all the rest last week, so we feeling pretty hot
Now it’s time for Moses to speak to the peeps
Give ‘em all the blessings, before they sleep

Y’varechecha Adonai V’yishm’recha – May God bless you and keep you
Ya’eir Adonai panav eilecha vichuneka -May God’s light shine and be gracious
Yisa Adonai panav eilecha v’yaseim l’cha shalom – May you feel God’s presence with you always, and may you find peace

Thanks for listening to our second rap
Stay tuned for more, we’re putting ourselves on the map
This has been your – Shabbat Sha’Rap!

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