T’tzaveh for Teens: Shabbat Sha-raps

T'tzaveh, Exodus 27:20−30:10

Ever wanted to see how relatable the Torah really is? Counselors at URJ Kutz Camp, a Reform Jewish leadership camp for teens ,wanted to do just that. They made awesome raps discussing the weekly Torah portion, or parasha, for an entire year!

In this week’s parasha, Moses takes a census of the people. Then Moses goes up to the mountain to get the tablets. While he’s gone, the people and Aaron build a golden calf. God wants to destroy the people, but Moses tells God not to do so. But Moses sees the calf and gets so angry that he destroys the tablets. Listen to find out what happens next! 


Saturday morning and the peeps are here
It’s time for Shabbat – let me get a cheer
We’ll talk about Kutz, NAB, the Red Sea too
Ayyoo Matt, you know what to do

Throwback to last week, got some big instructions
How to make the Holy Ark, no need for introductions
An altar is built with 60 wooden posts
Wandering through the desert, we got no hosts

Time to name some priests, gotta big thing humming
Aaron & his sons chosen for the homecoming
Special clothes are made for the five of them
God instructs Moses, oh what a gem

We collect olive oil for that big bright light
Which Aaron is to light, but there ain’t no spite
It’s called Ner Tamid, the everlasting flame
Give credit to the Torah for such a name

This week we got some guests going on the live stream
Both NFTY Boards and Kutz Leadership Team
They’re fun and smart and smile all around
Kutz 17, it’s about to go down

Thanks for listening to our 41st rap
Stay tuned for more we’re putting ourselves on the map
This has been your, Shabbat Sha’Raps!!!

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