Torah Commentary

Opening the Window to Inspiration

December 4, 2021Rabbi Karyn D. Kedar
Some say our dreams are born of fears and hopes, of an agitated soul. Others reply that they are visions of what can be, or premonitions of what will most certainly be. Maybe our dreams are channeled energy -- energy that works its way through the mind and spirit, pulling the curtain back just a bit to reveal a Divine truth - a truth that is hidden by the waking mind. The waking mind must be trained not to forget and not to deny the night visions that come to visit.

Everyone Owns the Words of Torah

December 13, 2020Rabbi Michael Dolgin

Learning, commenting, and reacting to our Torah’s teachings are a personal experience, or at least they should be. Like all books of the Torah, our relationship with Genesis grows deeper each year when we encounter it anew. For, me one

Dream a Little Dream, and Then Interpret It

December 28, 2019Rabbi Dan Moskovitz

The entire story of Joseph, which spans three parshiyot in the latter third of the Book of Genesis, centers around dreams: their interpretation and the actions that interpretation then inspires. This week, we read the second portion in that series, Mikeitz.

Forgiveness and Reconciliation with the Past

December 31, 2016Ellen M. Umansky, PHD

Many years ago, I taught an adult education class on biblical heroes. Among those we studied was Joseph. We focused on Parashat Mikeitz and discussed Joseph’s contentious relationship with his older brothers and their later reconciliation. We also talked about