Torah Commentary

Torah Commentary

The Soul Bound up with Mine

How do we describe the relationship between parents and children? How do we refer to the bond that exists? This week in Vayigash, our Torah text gives us language that many might find compelling.

A Story of Forgiveness and Reconciliation

The story of Joseph is the story of heroism, forgiveness, and redemption. His story is not about victimization and defeat. Joseph is a dreamer, a visionary, a wise man, and no amount of evil intent has stifled that within him. His dreams are premonitions and become reality. He becomes a ruler of the land and navigates through a seven-year famine. And he uses his position of power not for revenge or vengeance but rather to enact lifesaving agricultural reforms that save Egypt.

Can You Find the Good in a Catastrophe?

As we begin Parashat Vayigash, Joseph is seated as second in line to the pharaoh in Egypt. His brothers had come down to Egypt seeking food as there was a famine in the land of Canaan. Joseph concealed his identity from his brothers, and in last week’s portion, Mikeitz, he framed them for stealing and held his brother Simeon for ransom until they return with Benjamin.