Torah Commentary

Torah Commentary

The "Angel Who-Knows"

Parashat R'eih reminds us that we have a choice between the blessing and the curse, between a life of hope and faith, and a life in which the choice has already been made.

The Responsibility of Power

In this week's portion, R'eih, Moses continues his speech to the Israelites, explaining to them what will happen as they cross the Jordan and enter the Promised Land.

Setting an Ethical Table

According to Biblical commentator Nehama Leibowitz, this eating of meat based on the sheer enjoyment of eating meat is a new concept. Previously, the eating of meat was part of the sacrificial ritual with Aaron and the priestly class also joining in the eating of this burnt offering

What Torah Says about Economic Equity

The word “economics” often evokes stock markets, exchange rates, global trade, and unemployment. But whether we are talking about buying groceries or the national debt, our material welfare and well-being have been of paramount concern since the beginning of human existence.

Balancing Between Anarchy and Self-Actualization

In the litany of rules and regulations found in Parashat R’eih, we read two commandments that at first glance seem to propose conflicting sentiments. The first is a reproach against personal anarchy. The second promotes the idea of self-actualization. How do we reconcile the two?