Torah Commentary

Sealed for Life or Death?

September 30, 2017Rabbi Professor Marc Saperstein

The beautiful, melodious liturgy of Yom Kippur suggests a heavenly court in which God reviews each individual and decrees the destiny of each person for the coming year. This is powerful poetry that should make us stop and think about our lives and our behavior.

Yom Kippur: It Is Not in the Heavens

October 4, 2014Shira Milgrom

Central to the "Torah"—my father, Jacob Milgrom, z"l, taught me and countless others—was the revolution of priestly theology. In the priestly view, sin was not a separate demonic force; rather, sin was/is of human volition—human beings bring sin and goodness

Torah Lessons My Father Taught Me

September 14, 2013Stephen Karol

I was a student in my father's ninth grade religious-school class. What I remember the most all these years later is learning Torah from him and, most important, the practical ethical lessons we can apply to our lives from our

Yom Kippur for Tweens

October 23, 2012

Want to know more about the Torah? Find out about the biblical background of Yom Kippur with Torah for Tweens!

Sometimes We Are Jonah

September 13, 2010Amy R. Perlin

Every Yom Kippur afternoon, congregations all over the world read the Book of Jonah, as set out for us in the Babylonian Talmud, M'gillah 31a. Most people believe that this haftarah is chosen because it models complete repentance. From the