Torah Commentary

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry – Even in a Pandemic

September 27, 2020Rabbi Max Chaiken

Aligned with the rhythm of our earth turning on its axis, our season of returning (t’shuvahT'shuvahתְּשׁוּבָה"Return;" The concept of repentance and new beginnings, which is a continuous theme throughout the High Holidays. ) continues its turn. We move from the introspection and repentance of Yom Kippur, our Day of Atonement, to the holiday of

What a House Is

September 21, 2002Thomas M. Alpert

The home-repair season is drawing to a close in my part of the country, and I still have not fixed my roof. That omission weighs on me. I want to protect my household and my house; I think each of us does. So we build our roofs and our walls and try to live safely. But Rav Kook is right: That is not enough. Destruction can still come, whether by flood or by poverty or by airplane. Sukkot reminds us of the vulnerability with which we live.