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Command [Aaron and His Sons]

The Eternal One spoke to Moses, saying: "Command Aaron and his sons thus: This is the ritual of the burnt offering: The burnt offering itself shall remain where it is burned upon the altar all night until morning, while the fire on the altar is kept going on it." - Leviticus 6:1-2

  • The five sacrifices that the priests are to perform are described. (6:1-7:38)
  • Limitations on the consumption of meat are delineated. (7:17-27)
  • Details about the ordination of Aaron and his sons as priests and the preparation of the Tabernacle as a holy place are given. (8:1-36)

When do we read Tzav?

2020 Apr 4
/10 Nisan, 5780
2021 Mar 27
/14 Nisan, 5781
2022 Mar 19
/16 Adar II, 5782
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