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And [Judah] Approached [Joseph]

Judah now approached him and said, "By your leave, my lord, please give your servant a hearing, and do not let your anger flare up at your servant--for you are like Pharaoh". - Genesis 48:18

  • Judah pleads with Joseph to free Benjamin and offers himself as a replacement. (44:18-34)
  • Joseph reveals himself to his brothers and forgives them for selling him into slavery. (45:1-15)
  • Although the famine still rages, Pharaoh invites Joseph's family to "live off the fat of the land." (45:16-24)
  • Jacob learns that Joseph is still alive and, with God's blessing, goes to Egypt. (45:25-46:33)
  • Pharaoh permits Joseph's family to settle in Goshen. Pharaoh then meets with Jacob. (47:1-12)
  • With the famine increasing, Joseph designs a plan for the Egyptians to trade their livestock and land for food. The Israelites thrive in Egypt. (47:13-27)

When do we read Vayigash?

2020 Dec 26
/11 Tevet, 5781
2021 Dec 11
/7 Tevet, 5782
2022 Dec 31
/7 Tevet, 5783
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