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Yom Sh'vi-i shel Pesach

Yom Sh'vi-i shel Pesach

7th Day of Passover
Exodus 14:30–15:21

Thus the Eternal delivered Israel that day from the Egyptians. - Exodus 14:30


As the observance of Passover draws to an end, the Torah portion includes the dramatic recounting of the splitting of the sea in this poem known as “The Song at the Sea.” Written with great emotion, this poem attempts to convey the power of “God’s might hand.” So powerful is the imagery that verses of this poem have become part of the Jewish liturgy. The poem comes to a climatic finish with Miriam, the prophetess, picking up her timbrel and leading the women in dance.

When do we read Yom Sh'vi-i shel Pesach?

2021 Apr 3
/21 Nisan, 5781
2025 Apr 19
/21 Nisan, 5785


  • By Sue Levi Elwell

    Years ago, I was privileged to serve on the beit din for a conversion I will never forget. The forthright geir (the individual choosing Judaism) announced to the intergenerational and interdenominational beit din , "I am becoming an observant Jew. I will pay attention and be intentional about my Judaism all the days of my life." Her words have stayed with me. Too often, we Reform Jews do not claim the term "observant," for we associate it with keeping the 613 mitzvot. However, that daughter of Sarah and Abraham reminded me that there are many ways to understand and fulfill the challenges of living a rich Jewish life of service.

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