The LEGO Sukkot Movie: Jewish Holidays 101

A BimBam Video for 4-10 year olds and their parents

How do Wonder Woman, Batman and Darth Vader relate to the harvest holiday of Sukkot? They have cameo appearances in Bim Bam’s upbeat Lego® Sukkot stop-motion animation video!

Underscored by lively music, the video introduces the lulavlulavלוּלָבA date palm frond with myrtle and willow sprigs attached; used in Sukkot rituals. , etrogetrogאֶתְרוֹג"Citron." Lemon-like fruit used in Sukkot rituals. , sukkahsukkahסֻכָּה"Booth" or "hut;" temporary structure associated with the agricultural festival of Sukkot; plural: sukkot. , and history of the holiday. Viewers of all ages, especially lovers of little tiny building bricks, will appreciate the extensive detail that went into the building of sukkot in creative locations – a rooftop, bicycle, boat and even outer space.

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