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How can I celebrate Tu BiSh’vat at home?

How can I celebrate Tu BiSh’vat at home?
Answer By: 
Rabbi Victor S. Appell

Tu BiSh’vat is the “New Year of the Trees," and it's a wonderful holiday to celebrate at home.

  • Treat your home to a new plant or two. Children enjoy planting seeds and watching new plants grow.
  • At bedtime, read a book about trees with your children.
  • Start a window-sill herb garden or counter-top composter.
  • Let Tu BiSh’vat be the impetus to reduce, reuse, recycle.
  • A Tu BiSh’vat seder is a traditional, fun and easy way to celebrate the holiday.
  • Going to a Tu BiSh'vat seder? Bring a delicious dish incorporating the traditional foods of Tu BiSh’vat.