Hear Our Prayer: For the Women of the Wall

Rabbi Karyn D. Kedar
women at the kotel or western wall

It is not the sound of triumph
Or the sound of the melody of defeat
It is the sound of song that I hear.

What did this people do? (Exodus 32:17-18, 21)

The stones of the ancient wall stand strong
from touch, from tears, from the hope of our people.
We offer prayers of longing,
prayers of peace, of gladness, of healing, of gratitude.
The ageless sounds of supplication.

Hear O Israel,

In the distance
the voices of our women,
powerful and steadfast
as it is written;
Sing a new song unto God . (Psalm 96:1)

The voices of our men,
mighty and resolved
as it is written;
Worship God in the beauty of holiness . (Psalm 96:9)

Hear O Israel,

To the sound of the shofar,
Tekiah Gedolah. A mighty blast,
sustained with anticipation, yearning
and expectation.

Holy One of blessing,
guide us in our struggle.
Grant us wisdom and discernment
as we search for the path of freedom and righteousness.

Honor and majesty are before God
Strength and beauty in God's sanctuary. (Psalm 96:6)
Hear our prayer.