Shabbat Conclusion Worship Services: Hinei El - Praising God

A rabbi with children dipping the Havdalah candle into a cup of wine
Introductory Passage to the Havdallah Service

The Havdallah service marks the separation between the end of Shabbat and the new week. As Shabbat ends, the Havdallah candle is lit. It is customary to raise the cup of wine or grape juice high when the last sentence is recited and then proceed to the blessings.


Hinei El y'shuati, evtach v'lo efchad.
Ki ozi v'zimrat Yah Adonai vay'hi li lishuah.
Ush'avtem mayim b'sason mimaay'nei hay'shuah.
L'Adonai hay'shuah, al am'cha virchatecha, selah.
Adonai tz'vaot imanu, misgav lanu, Elohei Yaakov, selah.
Adonai tz'vaot, ashrei adam botei-ach bach!
Adonai hoshiah; haMelech yaaneinu v'yom koreinu.
LaY'hudim hay'tah orah v'simchah v'sason vikar;
kein tihyeh lanu.
Kos y'shuot esa, uv'shem Adonai ekra.

Behold, God is my help; trusting in the Eternal One, I am not afraid. For the Eternal One is my strength and my song, and has become my salvation. With joy we draw water from the wells of salvation. The Eternal One brings deliverance and blessing to the people. The God of the hosts of heaven is with us; the God of Jacob is our stronghold. God of the hosts of heaven, happy is the one who trusts in You! Save us, Eternal One; answer us, when we call upon You. Give us light and joy, gladness and honor, as in the happiest days of our people's past. Then shall we lift up the cup to rejoice in Your saving power, and call our Your name in praise.