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Recommended Reading: Learn More About Judaism

Thinking of choosing Judaism? Here are some excellent publications to explore as you begin your journey:

  • Every Person's Guide to Judaism 
    by Stephen J. Einstein and Lydia Kukoff
    This is an excellent book for someone who is beginning his or her exploration of Judaism. It covers the yearly cycle of Jewish holidays, lifecycle events, faith and contemporary Jewish life. This book includes an excellent glossary.
  • Choosing Judaism
    By Lydia Kukoff
    This is perfect those who are considering conversion. The book explores dealing with family issues and finding one's place in the Jewish community. Kukoff traces her own journey from the Christianity of her youth to the Jewish identity she embraced in adulthood. It includes an extensive bibliography for learning more and creating your own Jewish library.
  • The Jewish Home: A Guide for Jewish Living
    By Daniel Syme
    Written in an engaging question and answer format, this is equally informative for both the life-long Jew and the new Jew-by-choice. Delving into Jewish observance through the calendar and life cycle, this is a perfect how-to guide to Judaism.
  • Jewish Living: A Guide to Contemporary Reform Practice 
    by Mark Washofsky
    Written by one of the leading thinkers of Reform Judaism, this is an in-depth exploration of Jewish life, both in and out of the synagogue. Drawing upon traditional Jewish texts and sources, this has quickly become a central text of Reform Judaism.
  • Transitions and Celebrations: Jewish Life Cycle Guides (Temple Israel of Hollywood, CA)
    by Rabbi John L. Rosove
    Rabbi Rosove's Life Cycle Booklets, downloadable from Temple Israel's website (see "Writings by Rabbi Rosove"), provide excellent, easy-to-understand information on conversion and all other life cycle events.

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