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RJ on the Go brings people together through fun activities anchored in Jewish values. Join a community of families like yours seeking to build a more compassionate world, starting at home.

Grandparents reading to three young children

Shabbat ShaMorning

Join Shira Kline (aka ShirLaLa), Ellen Allard and Stephanie Guedalia for Shabbat ShaMorning. Tune in with your little ones for heartwarming time together and a weekly pause for collective joy. Whether you're a regular Saturday morning Sh'ma singer or it's your first time in the expansive garden of Shabbat, all are welcome. Hosted by, and brought to you in partnership with @Lab/Shul and Ellen Allard.

Age: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Adults

Shabbat-Shamorning musicians Shira Kline and Ellen Allard

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