6 Videos to Teach Jewish Values to Kids During the Pandemic

Stephanie Fink, MAJCS, RJE

Even under the best of circumstances, the most tight-knit of families can feel stress being together 24/7 – and these are anything but the best of circumstances.

Let Jewish values guide you. Whatever feels difficult at home, there is a Shaboom! video that can help you name it and have a conversation about it. Talk about how your family can bring more love and caring to each other and to the world when we need it most.

Here are a few Shaboom! Videos, both for kids and for parents, to help.

1. “We Are Family: A Jewish Folk Tale for Kids”

Discussion questions:

  • How do you show love to your family members?
  • How can you help members of your family who live with you?
  • How can you help members of your family who don’t live with you?

2. “Hachnasat Orchim: How to Make People Feel Welcome”

Discussion questions:

  • How do you think cousin Yasmine feels when she rings the doorbell and nobody answers the door?
  • What feelings do you think Yasmine feels when she arrives at the Ploni home for a visit, and the family keeps playing video games and having a dance party?
  • How might Yasmine feel when Ben turns off his screen and Lila offers to shares her toy?
  • What can you do to make another person feel wanted when they call you on the phone or knock on your bedroom door?

3. “The Best Medicine: Bikur Cholim (Visiting the Sick)”

Discussion questions:

  • How does Rafi try to make Gabi feel better while keeping himself safe from germs?
  • How do Mama and Lila Ploni bring a smile to grandpa’s face while he’s in the hospital?
  • What creative ideas do you have for helping someone who is sick to feel a little bit better, even if just for a few minutes? How might you do those things while keeping yourself safe from germs?

For more on the topic of bikur cholim (visiting the sick), see our activity guide and further discussion questions dedicated to this video.

4. “Get Along, Gang: Peace in the Home (Shalom Bayit)”

Discussion questions:

  • What are some of the ways in which members of the Ploni family have hurt each other’s feelings?
  • Can you think of a time when you felt that way?
  • What is one thing that you can do this week to help bring shalom bayit to your home?

For more on the topic of shalom bayit, see our activity guide and further discussion questions dedicated to this video.

5. For Parents: “What's Jewish about Welcoming Guests? An Intro to Hachnasat Orchim

Let’s be creative! If you are dropping in on grandparents for some FaceTime or having a video playdate, or even just thinking about the people who deliver your mail and packages and groceries – how can you make your guests feel welcome?

6. For Parents: “Visiting the Sick: A Jewish Value to Teach Your Kids”

Keep that creativity coming! When you can’t visit in person, how can you help someone you love feel less lonely or unhappy while they are sick – or while staying home to avoid getting sick?