Big Questions for Families with Young Children

Open the door to better conversations

As children and as adults, we make sense of the world by digging into big questions. We connect with each other through conversations - between parents and children, with other adults, and as part of families and communities.

Big Questions for Families With Young Children help make the most of these conversations with concepts linked to the cycle of the Jewish year.

Each question is crafted especially for parents to start a conversation about life in every season. Big questions can be answered by anyone regardless of their age or background. Try it out with a partner, with a friend, and certainly with your kids. Talk in the car or on the bus, at the park or at the kitchen table.

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Tu Bishvat – What makes us grow?  JDAAIM - Who do we take care of? Purim – When do we celebrate? Pesach – When are we free?
Shavuot/End of School – What do you want to learn? Who is part of our community? What makes you feel at home? When do you pay attention?
Rosh Hashanah – What will you do better this year? Yom Kippur – When do we forgive? What are you thankful for? NYE – What do you hope for?

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