Empowering Young Leaders

Learn about the Religious Action Center's exciting leadership training and social justice programs for teens and young adults.

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Learning About Jewish Values

4 Principles for Teaching Kids Responsibility

Teaching our kids to assume responsibilities around the house sure can be challenging. Often, it seems so much easier just to do it ourselves. When we do, though, we become overloaded, stressed, and tense, and our kids are deprived of a valuable, character-building learning opportunity.

Shaboom! Videos For Children and Parents

Teaching Children about Reducing Waste (Bal Tashchit)

Yasmin must hold her nose to wade through the garbage piling up outside the Plony house. Though she turns off the faucet and begs Momma Plony not to use extra paper towels, it takes a magical Sparks-inspired flood to sort out the real trash from the recyclables.

Books for Children

Bone Button Borscht

A tired beggar reaches a small town on a cold, wintery night, seeking food and a warm bed. When the poor locals are reluctant to assist, he promises to make a delicious soup from six bone buttons.