Teaching Children About Visiting the Sick (Bikur Cholim)

A Shaboom! Discussion and Activity Guide for 4-7 Year-Olds and Their Parents
Laura Copel

In this sneeze-filled episode, we find the magical Sparks Gabi and Rafi fighting off their own colds while they help the Plony family realize that Grandpa needs cheering up in the hospital. Gabi’s sniffles manage to misdirect her magic to hilarious effect. A rainstorm of chicken soup and a flock of quacking ducks eventually persuade the family to visit Grandpa. Enjoy "The Best Medicine", Season 1, Episode 2 of Shaboom! 



Follow Up Questions

  1. How do you think Grandpa felt when his family said that he couldn’t come to their Shabbat picnic?
  2. When have you been sick and felt left out of fun things?
  3. Talk about a time you made somebody feel better. What did you do?


Related Activities

  1. Think of somebody you know who’s not feeling well. If you can visit, bring something to eat or a way to pass the time, perhaps a game to play together. If you can’t be there, call or write to let your friend know you’re thinking of him or her.
  2. Get some ideas from the book Bear Feels Sick by Karma Wilson. You’ll be inspired by how some furry friends make their uncomfortable playmate feel better.


For Parents: What's Jewish About Visiting the Sick?