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Shavuot Food and Recipes

Shavuot Food and Recipes

Shavuot Food and Recipes

a banner for the Jewish holiday of Shavuot

Shavuot Food and Recipes

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  • These Greek inspired cheese scones are so quick and easy to make!

  • Fire up the grill, it’s cookout season! Take your picnics and parties to the next level with these recipes for Jewishly inspired foods that are perfect for the grill



  • Using frozen blintzes makes this a fast and easy festive meal!

  • Cheesecake is the classic Shavuot dessert!

  • Eating animal-based dairy on Shavuot is a tradition that I am updating to meet my health goals and dietary preferences. I find ways to enjoy healthier “creamy” foods for the holiday by creating non-dairy “creamy” d