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Interreligious Relations

Interreligious Relations

In our diverse and multicultural society, effective interreligious relationships are vital so that diverse faith groups may live together in harmony and work cooperatively.

More in Interreligious Cooperation

More in Interreligious Cooperation

Get Out the Vote: An Interfaith Experience

Last Sunday was the calm before the storm in several respects. It was the last hours we were allowed to be outside in the D.C.

Fountain at the Bahai Gardens in Haifa

Being a Bahá'í in a Jewish Community: Reflections on Being an Interfaith Family

When my husband and I decided to get married, we knew that one of our main challenges would be raising children in a Jewish and Bahá'í home with Jewish and Christian grandparents.

The Role of Religious Law in America: Interfaith Perspectives on Islam, Shari’ah, and the U.S.

Last night, Rabbi David Saperstein joined a panel of religious leaders (Dr.