Spoon Puppets

To dramatize the story of the Book of Ruth, you can make Naomi, Ruth and Boaz spoon puppets.


  • a wooden spoon for each child
  • google eyes
  • felt squares
  • rubber bands
  • tape
  • yarn for hair
  • markers
  • other materials for decoration (foil, fur, cotton balls, etc)


Have each child choose a character from the story. Tape or glue yarn to the back of the spoon for the hair (use yarn for a beard as well). Wrap a felt sheet around the spoon, gathering it at the neck. Fasten the gathers around the spoon with a rubber band wrapped tightly around the neck. Use glue-on google eyes or paint eyes, a nose and a mouth on the face of the spoon. Add head covering and other decorations to make each character. Take turns acting out the story.