Hanukkah-Related Baby Names and their Meanings

Ellie Rudee
In Judaism, words are powerful; names are perhaps even more powerful. In the Torah, naming is an important theme related to identity and essence. If you find yourself looking for a name this Hanukkah, we hope this list inspired by the themes of the season will help.

A Temple Has Two Meanings

Laura Frank
Earlier this year, on a beautiful spring day, we drove 30 minutes from our home in Philadelphia to a Thai temple and cultural center to celebrate Songkran, Thailand's Lunar New Year.

Jews Without Borders: My Multicultural Jewish Family

Cantor Jacqueline L. Marx

"Knock, knock."
"Who's there?"
"Russia who?"
"Russia Shana."

As my kids tell me this joke, I realize my mother's curse has come true: I have children "just like me."

With imported parents and imported children, I'm the native-born pastrami between

On the Birth or Adoption of a Child

Source of all life, our hearts are filled with joy for the child that has been entrusted to us. May we be thankful always and speak our thanks not with words alone, but with the love, understanding, and tender care with which we hope to raise our child.