Are Jews allowed to donate organs?

Rabbi Billy Dreskin
Jewish law does, in fact, permit organ donation! Whatever you have heard, whatever you thought you learned, set that all aside. Jewish law permits us to sign our donor cards and, when someone we love dies, to use their body to save other lives

Where Does our Mandate 'Stem' From?

Sarah Krinsky

This weekend is one of my favorite holidays of the Jewish calendar – Purim. I like the costumes, the carnivals, the gift-giving. But the story of Purim is, like many of our holidays, filled with darker and more thoughtful elements. The most striking and provocative idea to me is encapsulated in Esther 4:14, where Mordechai tells Esther that no matter what she does, the Jews will in fact be fine; yet, he continues, maybe your whole life up to this point was in fact leading up to this very moment and this very purpose.