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Bris and Circumcision

Helpful advice on how to find a mohel or mohelet to perform your son's circumcision, and what questions to ask to make sure he or she is right for you.

The eight Transitions & Celebrations: Jewish Life Cycle Guides are intended to be helpful in celebrating and observing the most important Jewish life cycle events. Each guide includes a section of Frequently Asked Questions, Jewish values and traditions relative to the life cycle event, a step-by-step how-to-do the event, a full glossary of Hebrew (with some Yiddish and Aramaic) terms relative to the event, and recommended resources

B’rit milah, (literally, “covenant of circumcision”), also called a bris, refers to a religious ritual through which male babies are formally welcomed into the Jewish people.

Jewish babies are given Hebrew names shortly after they are born. Usually, a brief ceremony is performed, which often includes family members of the new baby.

As a pediatrician and mohelet, I am often called upon by young couples, especially parents of a first son, to address the pros and cons of brit milah.

Reform Judaism has done away with a number of ritual observances that conflict with our contemporary cultural and aesthetic sensibilities.

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