Classes and Learning

Affirming and Loving Transgender, Non-Binary, and Gender Expansive Grandchildren

November 22, 2022
The Union for Reform Judaism, Jewish Grandparents Network, and Keshet are collaborating on a series of conversations to support grandparents and other loving adults who are interested in providing affirming spaces for gender expansive, non-binary, and transgender young people. These sessions provide grandparents with foundational knowledge, shared language, and inclusive practices.

Reading Hebrew Prayers

Gain comfort and fluency reading Shabbat prayers in Hebrew in this new six-session course from the Union for Reform Judaism. Explore the meaning of the prayers, learn key Hebrew prayer vocabulary, and hear common prayer melodies.

Jewish & Newish

Is conversion to Judaism a part of your story? Whether you are on a conversion journey, you’ve recently made it official, or you have long been a part of the Jewish people, we welcome you to join us for our Jewish & Newish programming. Join an online gathering where you...