Is it possible to convert to Judaism via the Internet?

Rabbi Leora Kaye
Rabbi Robert Orkand
Rabbi Robert Orkand: Judaism welcomes those wishing to convert, and a great deal of information about Judaism is now available on the Internet, making it a wonderful way to begin learning. Start with's conversion page, which includes a reading list for beginners. However, conversion to Judaism involves time and

Judaism: Fresh is Best

Rabbi Thomas Gardner

I once read an autobiography called Turbulent Souls, written by a man who grew up Catholic. It was only after he had become an adult that he learned that both of his parents had been born Jewish.

Embracing a Jewish Life and Values

Kenneth David Shoji

At my Bet Din, one of three Rabbis who interviewed me told me that Judaism has been described as a faith of "Pots and Pans." She further explained that Judaism was about doing and acting in everyday life, not just having a belief but carrying out actions and