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Let's find ways to give lasting Passover memories to the next generation – minus the bathtub fish – by involving them with the preparation for the holiday and its cooking.

Jews are often referred to as the "People of the Book," but I've come to realize that we're really the People of the Cookbook! Our recipes represent who we are, from where we came, and where we live now. Our food choices are dictated by our culture and heritage. 

Find expert challah hacks and every kind of challah recipe imaginable in this one handy guide.

Passover is the most celebrated Jewish holiday in America, with almost 90 percent of American Jews attending some sort of Passover gathering – which also makes it a great time to invite friends and family for brunch.

The Passover seder includes the drinking of four cups of wine. In honor of this custom, we’ve gotten creative with the four cups, sharing fun food and wine pairings for your Passover seder and beyond. 

Whether it’s during Shavuot, on a toasty summer day, on Ice Cream for Breakfast Day (the second Saturday in February), or even in the middle of winter, ice cream is one of the most beloved desserts we can think of – and we’ve got a few Jewishly inspired recipes you’re going to love.

Did you know that India’s Jews come from four distinct groups who can trace their Indian roots back to ancient times? The four groups are Bene Israel, Cochin Jews, Sephardic Jews from Europe, and “Baghdadis” from Iraq. Cochin Jews trace their ancestry to the lost 10 Tribes, who came with King Solomon in search of spices; the Bene Israel claim they are descendants of the 10 Tribes of Israel.

Follow these nine tips to make Katie Simmons’ gluten-free, vegan baked latkes.

We’ll take any excuse to indulge in some of our favorite cookie recipes! Here are a few of the Jewishly inspired cookies we love.

The time has come: Autumn is upon us. Autumn isn’t only the best season because it’s full of Jewish holidays; it’s also the season of delicious pumpkin-flavored foods. Here are’s best pumpkin-themed recipes.


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