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I didn't come to Temple Beth El expecting to convert, but it happened anyway.

There is mounting evidence that "religion" and "science" are not adversaries but potential allies which, working together, can improve our lives and our world.

Lessons about faith in Auschwitz.

My soul is woven from the threads of the stories of all those who came before me.

The Hanukkah miracle is, at its essence, a miracle of the spirit, offering us an opportunity to open our hearts.

It is said that we humans can't understand the meaning of our lives any better than fish in an aquarium can understand their own.

While praying to God for help and solace, it struck me that there may be a different way to think about Alzheimer's. When Miriam's mind seems distant, the "person" I used to know is not really gone, but just gone from me, at those moments.

A Reform Judaism of substance is a life path that links the past to the future through the wilderness of our lives.

I have written over and over again that the purpose of prayer is to change us, not to change God. How has this theology stood up to my current medical crisis?


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