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Whether you think about it a lot, a little, or not at all, genetics affects your health. As a community health educator with the Norton & Elaine Sarnoff Center for Jewish Genetics, I share critical information about Jewish genetic health with at-risk communities. 

When I was growing up, as a little girl in the Orthodox Jewish community, I would stare longingly over the mechitza (the dividing wall between men and women in the synagogue), feeling betrayed by God for giving me a body that didn't feel congruent with my soul. I never imagined that one day I would feel right in my body, accepted in my community, and able to walk freely in the world as a Jewish man.

I believed that eating less and less would help repair the world. But depriving ourselves of food keeps us from realizing our full potential—and almost cost me my life.

Organ donation is not a controversial issue. Nonetheless, it's a crucial issue that demands our attention. Further, it's one that everyone can resolve in a matter of minutes.

Aron Hirt-Manheimer (RJ editor): What is bullying?

In January 2008, Dr.

Finding a middle path that allows us to savor life fully while also cultivating spiritual, emotional, and physical health is central to Jewish tradition.

At age 13, a Jew enters adulthood with bar or bat mitzvah. Our 60s bring Medicare, Social Security, and senior citizenship. But no formal public milestone marks the onset of middle age.

On the night of May 5, 2008, I awoke to the sight of my husband's arms flailing, face contorting, eyes rolling back in the head.Alan was having a grand mal seizure.

Science and Reform Judaism are not at odds. Although some people of faith have been – and, in some cases, continue to be – suspicious of science, Reform Judaism encourages scientific and medical advances.

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