High Holidays

Tips for Hosting for the High Holidays

Deborah Fishman Shelby
September 16, 2019

Whether hosting a holiday meal causes stress or you revel in creating warmth and hospitality around Jewish traditions. here are some tips to host a fantastic gathering.

It's Elul: 6 Ways to Get Ready for the High Holidays

Kate Bigam Kaput
September 2, 2019
Elul, the Hebrew month that precedes the High Holidays, is traditionally a time of both rejoicing and somber reflection when we take stock of our spiritual selves and our lives. Elul rituals prepare us for the many acts of repentance and forgiveness that are hallmarks of the upcoming Days of Awe, starting with Rosh HaShanah.

How to Find a High Holiday Community Wherever You Are

Jane E. Herman
Whether you’re traveling – for business or pleasure – during the High Holidays, studying at a college or university far from home, or otherwise not able to attend services where you usually do, ReformJudaism.org can help you find a High Holiday community – wherever you are.