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Museums in and Around Tel Aviv

Though you may want to spend your time in Tel Aviv checking out its Bauhaus architecture or lounging on the beach, the city features some fantastic museums that are worth the trip. The Tel Aviv Museum of Art comprises a number of different departments, including architecture and design, photography, Israeli...

Museums to Visit in Jerusalem

With sites like the Western Wall and the Old City, it can often feel like Jerusalem itself is a museum campus. While you're busy exploring the beautiful and historic sites the city has to offer, don't forget to check out the fantastic museums that reside there as well.

Mifgash (Encounter)

Chat with interesting Israelis during your touring. ARZA’s Mifgash Project is designed to help you meet and come to know both the leaders of the Israeli Movement and the people involved in making this movement grow. The ARZA Mifgash program, will help you to know these exciting bonim, builders. (Waiting...